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What will be will be (Que Sera Sera)



What will be will be (Que Sera Sera)

The quote “what will be will be” is analogous for all the frivolous, futile and fatalistic lessons taught to children in modern educational systems and homes by parents, teachers and grown ups.

Why Frivolous? False lessons promoting materialism, hedonism, hubris, avarice, fakery and vanity. Will i be handsome? Will i be rich? Seriously, how about being better humans, who fulfil their responsibility? Whenever i ask large groups of people in the audience during Leadership Talks questions like “What is the fundamental responsibility of a Human-Being?” Most don’t know. The inherent responsibility of a human being is to create a better Earth or at least preserve replenish our natural resources for future generations. Alas, grown ups don’t know, So how will they teach children?

Why Futile? We dumb kids go down through rote studying to acquire high percentage, fancy degrees, futile titles from expensive schools. Most people study, but do not learn to learn or internalise the learning. To paraphrase P. Sainath- “people we call ‘highly educated’, are merely expensively educated”. Truth be told, most people are ONLY DEGREED not EDUCATED and do not know how to unleash their unlimited potential.

Why Fatalistic? Whatever will be will be is termed a LOSER MINDSET. It’s Fuzzy and disaffirms our circle of influence to create our own future. Each of us is the grandmaster of our future and creator of our destiny. We can become whoever or whatever we want to become and have unlimited potentials to create our own destiny. It’s not God sent or preordained, that’s wrong learning and blind beliefs

Ideas for Action – Let us not teach children to just become career mules and mindless conspicuous consumers. Let’s lead by example and actions to become better humans who we are.

Champions of change – Be the change you want to see in our world. None of us can change everything but everyone can change something. Compassionate humans and leaders are not just career mules/climbers, but Go-Givers who are disciplined professionals and create value with personal ownership accountability (POA). Humane Leaders who fulfil our responsibilities by making positive contributions in all our roles as citizens, family members, team members, community members and human beings.

A song writer once wrote and sang:

“when i was just a little child, i asked my mother what will i be, will i be beautiful will i be rich, here’s what she said to me, que sera sera (whatever will be will be), the future’s not ours to see que sera sera”

In conclusion, if it was meant to be it will be… just let it be.

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