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The most trolled/hated football clubs in the world (Top 5 list)



The most trolled/hated football clubs in the world (Top 5 list)

Most frequent question (which football club is the most hated football club in the world?) you have asked yourself based on how your football club is been trolled by a rival fan. I have visited a viewing center to see my favourite football club win, but as soon as the opponent scored the opening goal, i heard a loud roar from the fan boys. Those fan boys are not Leeds United fans in Nigeria but just some people who didn’t want my team to win. I wondered and bemused at that moment and the thoughts running through my mind were: are my favorite football club the most hated? Why so much hatred all round? why are they deriving joy because they scored us? Here, we made a little survey on which club is the most hated football club in the world. Please note that, our final results on this page is not labelled official from any football source, as this is put together by popular opinions from fans when we took to survey street. The majority of the answers are being ranked from the less hated to the most hated (in a decreasing fashion).

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating a goal for Juventus.

5. Juventus: Since the Old Ladies acquired the signature of 5-time Ballon d’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, the club has had trolls from different part of the world. We all know that in the last 20 years of top professional football, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has been on a head to head comparison by football fans worldwide. Most free kicks, most career goals, most career assist and lots more were used as a tool for the comparison by the fan boys. Meanwhile, Juventus has been ruling the Italian Serie A for almost a decade now, winning the Scudetto back to back since 2012 and the whole topflight team in Italy gets jealous based on what they have achieved. The factors that made Juventus one of the most hated football club in the world is the fact that Messi fans would always love to see Cristiano Ronaldo fail in anything he does. They have crowned their favourite player “the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T)” and wants nobody to be entitled by that. The statistics the both of them enjoyed is amazing and Ronaldo, 35, is still breaking records. Juventus has trolls from Barcelona fans, the whole of Seria A fans (except Juventus) and Lionel Messi fans that aren’t a Barcelona fan.

Chelsea’s team celebrating an EPL title win.

4. Chelsea: Chelsea football club started growing their rivalry with the league contenders since a Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovic bought the club in 2004. Chelsea is a club from London and were not the best from their city. Abramovic’s takeover saw him brought Jose Mourinho to spearhead the coaching role; Jose Mourinho was doing well in Portugal where he lead FC Porto to the UEFA Champions League title win. Jose Mourinho was a serial winner and he goes to any length to see his team win. Very big change came and boom! Chelsea won the English Premier League titles (twice in a row), that alone created that title rivalry with Manchester United and Arsenal. Since then, the rivalry has taken to another stage in football where Chelsea’s loss in a football match can be a thing of joy for Manchester United and Arsenal fans. Chelsea football club are one of the most hated football club in the world and football fan boys from Manchester United, Arsenal and some English teams will have a great feeling if they don’t achieve anything in a season (trophy-less).

Zidane was lifted up after UEFA Champions League triumph.

3. Real Madrid: The home of stars was very well known in the Spanish capital. Real Madrid is the king of La Liga scooping the title more than any team in Spain. They are proud to have stars like Figo, Raul, Kaka, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Beckham and so many others. With those football stars, they have achieved more and more than their arch rival Barcelona in Spanish La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo had a staggering goal numbers for the club and his most-compared rival Lionel Messi was always breaking records too. The title rivalry between these two football clubs (Barcelona and Real Madrid) contributed to the hatred Real Madrid suffered from Barcelona and the rest of the Spanish teams, also considering the fact that Ronaldo and Messi played differently representing the aforementioned clubs respectively. Real Madrid went on to dominate European elite football for three good seasons and fans from different European clubs are not happy with the success they have achieved. The hatred are mostly coming from Barcelona fans and vice versa.

Manchester United celebrating their last Premier League title win in 2012.

2. Manchester United: The next on the list is definitely Manchester United from England. Manchester United is considered as one of the most successful football club in modern England and has won the English top-flight title for a record 13 times since its inception in 1992. Manchester United is known as “The RED DEVILS” and when it comes to head to head statistics in England, they are always ahead or tied. Manchester City is also a rival now because they originate from the same Manchester even if their record doesn’t tally or exceed Manchester Uniteds. Manchester City were fondly called “The Noisy Neighbours” by Manchester United fans and were willing to see them fail in order not to claim supremacy in Manchester. An old rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is still heating and burning up. Liverpool hasn’t won an elite Championship league in 30 years which made them stayed in their caves but as soon as they were pronounced the English Premier League champions in 2020, they came out from hiding to reignite the old rivalry they had with Manchester United. Manchester United is a club of histories and past glories so whenever fans starts an argument on who is the best in English football, Manchester United supporters has a lot of records to spill out. The records brings jealousy from neighboring clubs in England and beyond. Cristiano Ronaldo once graced the football pitch for Manchester United where he won his first ever FIFA Ballon d’or in 2008, keeping that in mind, Messi fan boys doesn’t like Manchester United because Ronaldo played for them to some extent. 80% of Manchester United supporters who watched Ronaldo played for their badge always makes Ronaldo their top choice when asked to pick between the two good players. Manchester United hatred comes from Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and the rest of the English football teams. In Europe, Barcelona and other top teams will always and always be envious of Manchester United and the histories they have had so far.

Lionel Messi in action for Barcelona.

1. Barcelona: Finally, the most hated club in the world (fans opinion) is FC Barcelona. Barcelona has enjoyed a lot of trophies in football, becoming the football team with the most football titles. Lionel Messi‘s influence in Barcelona is so exceptional that when you are not his fan, you are definitely against him. I don’t know how to say this but the world was thrown into a jubilation mood when Liverpool knocked out Barcelona (4-0) coming back from a 3-0 slip in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League. I don’t need to say much, because all the football lovers in my community was elated when Roma, Liverpool, Bayern Munich all spoilt Barcelona dreams of winning the European prestigious title since 2015.

P.S: Like i said, this is not an official list as you can also send us your take on “which football club is the most hated in the world?” via our email. By popular opinions from fans in my community after my personal survey, i was able to compute and arrange this article for your reading pleasure.