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The most hated football players in the world (Top 10 list)



The most hated football players in the world (Top 10 list)

Time and time again, we are hating on a certain player. The player is very talented, scores a lot of goals, helps the team in so many ways but the opposition fan that you are can’t help but to hate him to the core. Can i say this is a serious case? Hell No, it is very normal for someone to hate someone and that’s cool; you are not obliged to like anyone. OK this is what I’m trying to say: we as humans can hate, love or be scared to do any of the aforementioned. I have seen so many scenarios where the hatred will be taken to the extreme such as throwing racial jibe to the targeted person, creating violence and trying to injure the person with physical punch and assault and even throwing physical object to the football players during crucial games. Football is a game of passion and we tend to express our emotions during a football match by booing a certain football player or booing the entire football team… this is very normal. Booing someone doesn’t necessarily mean you hate the person with all your heart but it shows when you are very angry or shows disgust at the person because he/she missed a crucial opportunity that will make the team celebrate a historic moment that will stay in the trophy room. Situations where you see fans hate their own players is very common and it’s a norm in the footballing world. Marcus Rashford missed an open net in the Europa League Final in 2021 which would see Manchester United avoid a trophyless campaign. After that game against Villarreal, he (Rashford) was racially abuse on social media and was called out by his fans to be sold or sent on loan. This is common hatred that we see nowadays because the world is evolving and we don’t expect things to remain the same as it was in the beginning of the last decade. Social media wasn’t as active as it is now, and the rate at which racial chant and jibe has been to thrown to dark-skinned football players is growing stronger. Quick reminder that Clubs in England boycotted social media in protest of regulating social media so as to further reduce racial abuse online but that didn’t help the social media companies. I don’t want to divert topics so i would try to remain on the “most hated football players in the world” topic. My name is Adike Wisdom Izuchukwu, and I’m your favourite content writer. I went to the street as usual to make this personal survey. I asked football fans on a one on one session on who has been on their hate list; their reaction was lit and i enjoyed every bit of it. The most hated football player ranking will be done in a decreasing order.

10. Luis Suarez: Did i just mentioned Luis Suarez? Yes, of course there is this section of Africans and mostly Ghanaians that still detest Suarez even though that was 11 years ago he stopped them from becoming the first African team to reach a world cup semifinals in South Africa… he was one of the dirtiest football player i saw. Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz is his full name and he currently plays for Atletico Madrid.

Luis Suarez in action for Atletico Madrid.

Luis Suarez is a brilliant striker in terms of finishing and he has registered over 500 career goals so far. His eyes towards finding the back of the net has been one of the deadliest and i remembered how he broke the record for 38-game highest scoring premier league striker. Suarez has been marked with his “biting” prowess after attacking and biting Chiellini at a World Cup game in 2014; he received 4-month ban away from footballing activities by FIFA and that caused outrage amongst football fans. I forgot to tell you that he didn’t start biting on that World Cup game in Brazil. He also attacked someone (a PSV player, Otman Bakkal) with his teeth when he played for Ajax as a young player receiving 7-game suspension. Ivanovic is also one of his “bite” victims and that alone created a disgust within fans. Suarez has also admitted he dived against Stoke City in 2012 and simulation in football paints a player with the word “cheat”. He was also caught on cameras stamping other players; bottom line is Luis Suarez is a very dirty player. Barcelona did him dirty where he was ditched by their current boss Koeman; proving he wasn’t done, he helped Atletico Madrid clinched the 2020/2021 La Liga trophy and that was emotional for fans worldwide. Suarez also had serious issues with Manchester United’s ex left back, Evra where he allegedly targeted racial abuse towards him. I think he was suspended or so, i remembered less but anyways, Suarez made the number 10 position on the list.

9. Timo Werner: This is the obvious question running through your mind now; why is Timo Werner on this list? Like i said, its not in my powers because the ranking was made by popular opinion when i took the survey. Some of you readers will say; include Ousmane Dembele, Alvaro Morata, Marcus Radford since you have decided to put Werner’s name. I’m speaking like a Chelsea fan at the moment. The point is… Timo Werner was called multiple times and we had to give him the 9th position. Once upon a time, i was coming back from a football viewing center and i overheard a thin argument. “My grandmother will score that goal comfortably” the first guy said. The second guy replied immediately.. “guy, i can’t blame Timo Werner for that miss because he was too close to the ball”. I laughed uncontrollably because that is not an excuse to miss that open net. I saw the game too and i was not-proudly embarrassed for Timo Werner.

Werner looking frustrated after a crucial miss for Chelsea.

He came from RB Leipzig in 2020 as the club’s all time highest goal poacher.. Oops i almost forgot the club was founded in 2009 so there won’t be a serious goal scorer at that time but that is not enough reason for Timo Werner to disguise at Chelsea football club. Why is he much of a different player here? Should we compare him to what happened to Torres too? Chelsea has had good strikers in the past with goal scoring mindset and Drogba was a mighty force. Diego Costa and Fabregas also was forces not to deal with. Timo Werner missed big chances created by Mason Mount last season and that was awful let’s forget the fact they all won the 2021 UEFA Champions League title. Those big chances missed has made football fans trolled and hates him the more. To miss a chance is normal but when you continuously miss those chances without break, it becomes a big deal. He’d have been roasted if he missed that open net against Real Madrid in the semis last season.. lol.

8. Pepe: Were you expecting to see Pepe make the cut? Well, you guessed right. Pepe is on the number 8 spot on the most hated football players. Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira ComM is his full name and he is a native of Brazil. He currently plays for FC Porto and Portugal; eliminated by Belgium in Euros 2020 will seem like his last Euros in his career. Why was he on the hate list? I’ll give you so many reasons though but due to popular opinion and vote, we ranked him on our number 8 spot. Popularly known as Pepe, he started his football career at Maritimo in the 2002/2003 season and had a major career highlight at Real Madrid where he joined in 2007. Pepe has been involved in so many incidence which has created that hate from football fans including his club fans. The first incident he got involved with after joining Real Madrid was a big fight he had with his teammate Javier BalBoa in a training session. To show how important he was to Real Madrid, he was called for their next game while the other player he fought with was left out. This is a pure turn off for fans considering they know who Pepe was and how aggressive he can be to non-sensitive situations. In 08/09 season, Pepe was disturbed with injuries but it didn’t change his dirty mindset towards players. I can remember a game with Gatefe in 2009 where he fouled a player in the penalty area and that led to brawls from both clubs; Pepe actually kicked the player twice.. yes! you heard me right. One kick at the shin and the other at the back.

Pepe in action for Fc Porto versus Juventus in a UCL game.

He was eventually sent off because nobody, even the FIFA president can’t escape that punishment. He was banned for 10 games after the incident and that was it (the end of his campaign that season). He also had issues with Dani Alves the following season as Barcelona meets Real Madrid at the UEFA Champions League semi finals. In 2012, he was seen stamping the hand of Lionel Messi at a Copa Del Rey game where he was criticized by former players, the Spanish media and even Wayne Rooney but he eventually cleared the air after insisting the case was unintentional.. lmao we all knew it was very intentional. That incidence with Lionel Messi created that hate because Messi’s humility is second to none and football lovers know when their favourite man has been hurt. He also had issues with a referee in 2012, after a game with Villarreal that ended in a 1-1 draw. Real Madrid finished the game with two players sent off. He was seen confronting the official at the locker room where he said “What a ripoff motherfucker” and that statement added a two-game ban. Pepe was also in the heart of Porto’s defense when they knocked out Ronaldo’s Juventus in the 2021 UEFA Champions League round of 16, which invited more hates and insults from Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan base. I have given you more reasons why Pepe was added on our hate list and the aforementioned should convince you.

7. Sergio Ramos: A pure talent and also one of the most successful and decorated Spanish defender i have ever seen. He has won a lot of trophies for both club and country and he is never stopped working hard to do more in his career. Sergio Ramos got most of his career highlight at Real Madrid where he joined in 2005 after signed from Sevilla for a whooping €27m for a defender by Fiorentino Perez. For one to be hated by most people, there should be a history of success around the person. I think Sergio Ramos hate comes from rival fans, those that hated his character and those that see him as a threat. He is a brilliant defender every football coach wants in the team. A defender who can score (he has over 100 career goals), a defender who can be booked consistently… lol; I’m not saying he shouldn’t be booked but i think he the only active player in Europe top five leagues with the most card on his name (you can doubt if I’m wrong because I’m not sure. I’m not opta taking statistics seriously). 5-0 defeat in an El Clasico match in 2010, Sergio Ramos Garcia was shown the red card after he kicked Lionel Messi at the back and also pushed Puyol when he was confronted by him. Personally, i’m not a Barcelona fan but i hated him for that. Sergio Ramos red cards incidence are not something to be taking seriously like Pepe, but controlling anger in most scenario is the most important key. Can you remember when Sergio Ramos lost grip when holding the Copa Del Rey trophy in their title winning bus parade? That trophy was destroyed in that process; the cup was won after a 1-0 victory over Barcelona in the finals in 2011 and Real Madrid fans wasn’t feeling well after that incidence. Ramos has insulted a referee before and got 4-match ban (after a game between Real Madrid and Celta but I’ve forgotten the year it happened – google is your friend). His Panenka penalty style has even earned him praise from the originator of the Panenka, Antonin Panenka and I’m still bemused why he made the list on our number 7 spot because Sergio Ramos has always been a brilliant sports person and a good husband.

Sergio Ramos was just unveiled as a PSG player.

6. Mario Balotelli: A brilliant player that can score from any yard and people hates him? Wow! When i saw his name, i was like “he shouldn’t be there, because he just had a little ups as a teenager and anyone could be a victim”. Balotelli currently plays for Turkish club, Adana Demirspor after a stunning career at Italian division 1 side, Monza. His teenage days was a disturbance with so many disciplinary discussion hovering around his name; Mario Balotelli signed as an Inter player in 2007 under the manager, Roberto Mancini. He won the hearts of many fans while in the club and was a prospective target man for the Italian side.

Young Mario Balotelli holding the UCL trophy with Sulley Muntari and Javier Zanetti.

After Mancini left, Jose Mourinho was brought in and that didn’t sit well with Mario because he had so many disagreement, argument with his boss, forcing his club to fine and punish him. He was also resigned by Mancini in Manchester City in 2010 and his behaviour off the pitch was still a big stone to push away. He was even involved in a training session fight with his Manager, Mancini in 2013 and totally fell out of favour from his boss’ eyes. Balotelli was hated mostly by Manchester United fans after his “why always me?” inscription was flaunted in a 6-2 heavy win at Old Trafford. Balotelli makes our number 6 position and this is strongly base on fans opinion and votes.

5. Diego Maradona: Diego Maradona of blessed memory is the 5th most hated player according to the final votes. He is regarded as one of the greatest sportsman that has ever graced the game. Diego Maradona died in November 25, 2020 due to Cardiac arrest and he was known with the nickname “El Pibe de Oro” (“The Golden Boy”). No words can describe how Maradona plays football – his dribbling prowess, killer pass and instinct, goalscoring ability was second to none and i think what made him one of the most hated player was that moment he scored with his hand against the Three Lions in 1986 FIFA World Cup quarter finals. After the game, he said he scored the goal little with his head and little with the hand of God. That goal stood and Argentina moved to the semifinal with a statement 2-1 win. A game that the English fans can never forget and we think the votes which saw Maradona on the 5th position was sponsored and engineered mostly by the England football fans. Diego Armando Maradona is regarded as one of the greatest football player in the world.

Maradona’s hand of God goal at the FIFA World Cup against England.

4. Roy Keane: One of the greatest aggressive midfielder i ever saw grace the game. Lol… his aggressiveness has been reported mostly by his colleagues, his opponent and coach. Roy Maurice Keane recently opened an Instagram account and his head-to-head punditry with Richards is still making our viewing pleasure on SkySports. An English Premier League referee has once talked about Roy Keane influencing his decision as a young referee. I couldn’t help but laugh at him because it hilarious. To be a referee has many pros and cons. We can’t blame a young Mark for talking about Keano influencing his young refereeing days. Kean was indeed a great box-to-box midfielder for Manchester United. He ended his career with Celtic winning the double in 2006. He has also played for Nottingham Forest and making our number four position on the most hated player list was seen forthcoming; i actually thought he would be on number two or one but thankfully, he didn’t make the top three.

Roy Keane and teammates celebrating a goal for Manchester United.

3. Mauro Icardi: I never expect to see Icardi here but after he had a rift with his fellow country man, Maxi Lopez, he lost the right to play for his country and was a subjected to mockery by opposition fans. Mauro Icardi, 28, is the top 8 highest goal scorer for Inter Milan and he currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain. I can recall Maxi Lopez refusing to shake his hands in a game (Inter vs Sampdoria) because Maxi puts it that Mauro Icardi broke his home and “stole his wife”. Maxi and Icardi was close friends at Sampdoria before Icardi moved to his dream club, Inter Milan. On a norm, you can’t even date a close friend’s ex-girl or go far ahead as marrying their ex-wife; i can’t even support Mauro on this but this gas created bad notion and description on his personality. He is our number 3 most hated player in the world. Ladies and gents, Mauro Icardi.

Icardi and wife, Nara Wanda after a Serie A game for Inter.

2. Leo Messi: If you don’t love the greatest football magician in the world, then who will you love? Lionel Messi recently completed his move to PSG after Barcelona failed to sign him due to La Liga salary limit and he is already feeling at home. Should we say the people that hates Lionel Messi are Ronaldo’s fans? Yes, they are considered as one of the greatest football players still active and consistence in the game. Leo is 34 years of age and he spent most of his trophy-laden career at the Spanish side. Messi got bunch of haters and he recently erased that part of “not-winning an international trophy for Argentine” mockery; he was the key man after Argentina defeated Brazil 1-0 in the 2021 Copa America final. I couldn’t be surprise to see Leo makes our number 2 spot for the most hated player because the more he got love, the more he got haters wanting his downfall.

Lionel Messi unveiled officially as a PSG Player on August, 2021.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most hated football player in the world. Born and raised in Madeira, Portugal by a Portuguese mother and a Brazilian father, Cristiano Ronaldo is a definition of hardwork and perseverance. Cristiano Ronaldo makes our number 1 spot on the most hated list  because most football fans believes he isn’t humble. For me, you don’t have to be quite when you achieve a lot through hardwork. Celebrate yourself and pop champagne anytime you hit a milestone. Relating this to Cristiano Ronaldo, he always talks about how good he is and fans from the opposite will label him as been proud and arrogant. Common man, i don’t see any wrong in praising oneself; that can never be pride and voting him as your number one most hated football player is one of the most strangest thing i have seen. What i learnt so far, you have to be the best to be hated and trolled.

Cristiano Ronaldo drops his captain band in anger after his disallowed goal in a 2-2 draw with Serbia.

P.S: Kindly note that this list was proudly confirmed and computed through voting means from football fans in the street and it is strongly not our opinion in all ramification.

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