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Chris Smalling and his family robbed at gunpoint



Chris Smalling and his family robbed at gunpoint

Former Manchester United defender Chris Smalling and his family were bereaved and robbed at gunpoint on Friday early morning.

Men with ammunitions made way into his abode just outside Rome and made away with so many customized jeweleries, wrist watches, and money.

The 31-year-old was an absentee as Roma drew Ajax in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League where Roma qualified based on aggregate score of 3-2 on Thursday. His unavailability was due to the fact that he has been struggling with knee difficulty.

According to Italian media giant Ansa, three armed men force their way into his home in the Appia area, outside Rome (the Italian capital) after going through the footballer’s master room by discarding a grating from the window.

The armed men compelled Smalling to open his safe with gun pointing towards him, running away with three bright Rolex watches, jewellery and over €300 in physical money.

The Roma defender’s family members were also nearby when the robbery activity was carried on. Smalling’s wife alerted the cop at nearly 5am.

The Italian police are now critically inspecting the video surveillance cameras to make clear on what went bizarre.

Chris Smalling and Roma have not yet released a statement on what happened but his former teammate at Manchester United Marcus Rashford threw his support for him and his family through microblogging platform, Twitter.

Like you all know, Roma and Manchester United will go head-to-head in a two legged semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League after the Italian capital levelled 1-1 with Ajax in Rome to qualify with a 3-2 score on aggregate.

Roma manager Paulo Fonseca’s house was burgled in November, 2020 when he went out with his family. Wrist Watches and other wealthy properties were stolen.

Lazio player Joaquin Correa’s abode in Rome was also broken few days back.